Physique– Rules your Fortitude and Max Item Bonus. Aka, PHY. Used in Fighting, Survival, and Athletics.
Fortitude (passive defense) – 11+ PHY. Used to withstand attacks, endure poisons, and so on. Aka, Fort.
Max Item Bonus – 1 + PHY. You can use items with a Bonus this large or smaller.
Hit Points – PHY plus some Bonus from your class.

Agility – Rules your Reflexes and Initiative. Aka, AGI. Used in Piloting, Stealth and Fighting.
Reflexes (passive defense)– 11 + AGI. Used to dodge and catch. Aka, Ref.
Combat Actions – If AGI is -1 or less, take one action each turn in combat. 0-9, take two actions. If it is 10 or more, take three.

Intelligence– Rules your Wit and Skills known. Aka, INT. Used in Engineering, Healing and Computing.
Wit (passive defense) – 11+INT. Used detect secrets, and when one person tries to outsmart another. Think of it as your situational awareness.
Skills Known – 1+INT. Start the game with a skill from your class, and then pick INT other skills. Learn a new skill when INT increases.

Personality – Rules your Willpower and number of Followers. Aka, PER. Used in Psychology, Psychic Powers, and Leadership.
Willpower (passive defense) – 11+PER. Used to avoid being lied to or convinced, or to withstand mind invasion. Aka, Will
Max Followers – You are able to attract a number of followers equal to PER-1.

Effectiveness – a Dice you roll to determine how much of anything you do.
Armor – Comes directly from the bonus of your Spacesuit.
Level – the most generic number that describes how powerful you are.
XP – How many experience points you have. Gain experience points by furthering the plot.


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