Survival [PHY] – Delay decompression, radiation or poison for one round; survive in a wilderness environment. Roll against Fortitude.
Miss You can’t get the effect you desire, but may try again later.
Fail You cannot get the effect you desire and have wasted an expedition gear.

  • Athletics [PHY] – Jump, swim, climb, or so on; increase the amount of grid squares you move during an action by AGI; can be combined with a movement during turns. Roll against Reflexes at -1 for every point of Armor you have.
    Miss You did not achieve the desired result but may try again from your new location.
    Fail You have placed yourself in great peril.
  • Fighting [PHY or AGI] – deal EFF damage to foe. Requires a weapon. Roll against Reflexes(ranged) or Fortitude(melee).
    Miss Your weapon hits only air.
    Fail You have accidentally struck an ally or yourself; or your weapon has broken.

Stealth [AGI] – Avoid being seen; sleight of hand; opening locks or disabling devices. Roll against Wit at -1 for every Armor point you have.
Miss Your target is aware of your presence even though it cannot see you.
Fail Fail spectacularly and alert those nearby to your presence.

Piloting [AGI] – Steer the ship and use its systems. Requires a spaceship. Roll against Reflexes.
Miss You are off course, but in no extra peril.
Fail You have placed the ship in some peril. The Narrator will tell you what it is.

Engineering [INT] – Fix a broken item; repair the ship for EFF; create a new invention; Requires a toolkit. Roll against 11+ item’s Bonus.
Miss You have not installed the modification/invention, but can try again.
Fail You cannot modify this item in this way, or this invention is not possible with modern technology.

Medicine [INT] – Restore EFF hit points; cure diseases and status effects; perform surgery; perform surgery; resuscitate a recently deceased character. Requires a med-pack. Roll against Fortitude.
Miss You have cured no hit points, but may try again; You have delayed the effects of a disease or status effect.
Fail You have damaged your med-pack or run out of medicine.

Computing [INT] – Use a computer for its intended purpose. Describe your actions with technobabble. Requires a Computer. Roll against Wit.
Miss You have not gotten what you wanted, nor has anyone been alerted to your presence.
Fail You have alerted the system to your presence, and you are locked out.

  • Psychology [PER] – Make peace, convince someone, bluff, and taunt; add or subtract EFF to the price of an item you are buying or selling. Take +1 for each of the following you know about your conversation partner: Morality, Description, Class, Origin., Personal Effect and Personal Goal. Roll against Willpower or Wit, whichever is higher.
    Miss Faux pas happen from time to time and your conversation partner doesn’t fault you for it.
    Fail You have the opposite of the desired effect on your conversation partner.

Leadership [PER] – Gain a Follower. Followers start the game at +0, 5 Hit Points, and 1 skill. You must know someone’s Morality and Origin before you can attempt to take them as a follower. Follower’s Bonuses use the same rules as items (for simplicity’s sake). Your followers may be most valuable when Assisting the rest of the party. Roll against Willpower.
Miss You do not gain a follower, but may try only once again.
Fail You can take no followers from this location.

Psychic Powers [PER] – If you feel a presence in your mind, you can do to them whatever they were trying to do to you. Requires two actions to use (full turn action) You need to have the basic power before you can take any of the ones with descriptors (example, you need Electrokinesis before you can take Shield Electrokinesis). Roll against Reflexes(if you aimed), Fortitude (if the power involves Radiation or some sustained force), and Willpower (for anything else). Psychosis can’t be countered like a normal skill, but similar powers can counter one another: telekinesis can counter any other telekinesis.
Miss – Your power has missed, or not connected for whatever reason.
Fail – Lose access to that power and all powers that share the same type (failing any Remote Viewing loses all Remote Viewing) until you next rest.

  • = Anyone can use these skills without training, rolling at a -3.


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