You are endowed with vast psychic potential and rely mainly on your Personality. Start the game with an EFF of d4 and 5+PHY Max Hit Points. You are responsible for telling the group about the workings, limits, and history of psionic powers as it comes up in game. Psychics start the game with Psychic Powers.

Psychic Powers roll+PER and require two actions to use. To take a higher-tier Power, you must first take the Power of the same name from all lower tiers. Powers which serve as projectile attacks roll against Reflexes. Powers dealing continuous or area-of-effect damage roll against Fortitude. Powers dealing with mental states roll against Willpower. Some Powers may be Sustained over multiple rounds; you must stop Sustaining to use other skills or Powers.
Miss – Nothing happens when you attempt to use the Power, but at least you can try again.
Fail – Lose access to all tiers of the Power you attempted to use until you next rest.
Class variant: Somatic – You have access to Kinetic Powers (those ending in -kinesis) only. You use Powers reflexively and intuitively, rolling +AGI instead of +PER. You only need a single action to use your Powers.
Class Variant: Mystic – After years of meditation and study among the Mystics, you have probed the deepest reaches of the psyche and achieved enlightenment. You only have access to Empathic Powers (those ending in “-pathy”), Remote Viewing, Medium, Prescience and Astral Projection. Your Powers rely on deep wellsprings of knowledge and experience; roll +INT instead of +PER and roll against Wit instead of Willpower.

Tier 1 powers
Radiopathy – Sustained: You can hear radio communications, and broadcast thoughts in that spectrum.
Empathy (always active) – An extra sense alerts you to thinking minds nearby; you know how many there are, but not where they are.
Telekinesis – Fling a small object for EFF damage.
Telepathy – Sustained: Have a private, mental conversation with someone you are touching.
Magnetokinesis – Sustained: Take +EFF to armor against all ranged attacks.
Cryokinesis – Create a pillar of ice that takes up one square on the grid. Sustained: Build a wall of ice; each round you sustain increases the wall’s length by 1 grid square (5 feet).
Focus (always active) – You may use skills normally while Sustaining a Power.
Lumokinesis – Create holographic images with your mind by controlling light.
Remote Viewing – Say a distance and direction, such as “Twenty feet to the left of where I am now.” The Narrator will tell you what you would see if you were standing in that location.

Tier 3 Powers
Medium – Receive messages from a recently-deceased individual.
Empiriopathy – Pull one memory out of the mind of someone you are touching. Sustained: The person you are touching can do nothing so long as you are touching them.
Electrokinesis – Roll EFF. For that many turns, your victim takes one damage which penetrates all armor. Does not stack.
Pyrokinesis – Deal EFF damage to everyone within PER squares on the grid. (1 square = 5 feet.) Sustained: You may Engineer without a Toolkit.
Lumokinesis, Shield – Sustained: You bend light around yourself, rendering yourself invisible.
Remote Viewing, Superior – Describe a place to the Narrator. The Narrator will tell you what you would see if you were in that place. Requires a picture of the location if you have never visited it.
Cryokinesis, Superior – Reduce a foe’s armor by EFF for one turn. Sustained: Reduce a foe’s Armor by EFF.

Tier 5 Powers
Antipathy – Your victim makes an attack against the nearest person, friend or foe. Sustained: Your victim is on a berserk rampage.
Telekinesis, Superior – Fling a person for EFF+PER damage. Sustained: Immobilize a person; they can take no actions.
Telepathy, Superior – Sustained: Read the memories of someone you are touching, pulling out one memory per turn.
Superior Focus (always active) – While Sustaining one Power, you may use other Powers and skills normally; you may Sustain a total of two Powers.
Astral Projection – Sustained: Describe a place to the Narrator. You travel to that place as an incorporeal, visible entity, leaving your body behind.
Empathy, Superior – Return 1 hit point to someone who is wounded (except yourself). Sustained: Every round, return 1 hit point to someone who is wounded (except yourself).
Remote Viewing, Personal – Tell the Narrator about a person. The Narrator will tell you what you would see if you were in the same room as that person. Requires a picture of the person if you have never met them.
Electrokinesis, Shield – Sustained: Any time someone deals melee damage to you, automatically deal EFF damage to that person.
Magnetokinesis, Superior – Sustained: Everyone in PER grid squares takes -1 to all rolls for each point of Armor they have. (1 square = 5 feet.)

Tier 7 Powers
Pyrokinesis, Superior – Burn through any stationary obstacle that ignites or melts (including solid steel).
Magnetokinesis, Supreme – Sustained: Up to PER people that you designate add their Armor bonus to their skill rolls while in your field of vision..
Electrokinesis, Superior – Disable all electronics within 50 grid squares (250 feet). Sustained: They cannot reboot.
Lumokinesis, Superior – Blind everyone who can see you. Sustained: Instead, stop all light in the area, creating impenetrable darkness.
Empiriopathy, Superior – Erase specific memories or implant false ones in someone you are touching.
Remote Viewing, Supreme – Tell the Narrator about an item that you are familiar with or looking at a picture of. The Narrator will tell you what you would see if you were standing in the same place as that item.
Astral Projection, Superior – Sustained: Same effect as in Tier 5, except you may take one item along with you; you must leave something in the remote location in order to bring something back.
Medium, Superior – Contact a non-human spirit; this spirit will answer one question or perform one task, but will ask some equivalent task of you as well. If you fail to perform the required task, your body is forfeit to the spirit you contacted.

Tier 9 Power
Pyrokinesis, Supreme – Melt a foe’s spacesuit, decreasing their Armor by EFF. Sustained: Wrap yourself in a ball of unstoppable nuclear fire which expands two grid squares per turn; anything touching this fire is obliterated, except yourself. Ignites the atmosphere in five turns.
Telekinesis, Supreme – Pinch a nerve in someone’s brain for double EFF damage which penetrates all armor.
Telepathy, Supreme – Designate up to PER targets. For each target, roll against their Willpower to link them to your mind. Roll against 11 + the number of people you have linked to yourself to use any Empathic Power (those ending in -pathy) against everyone you are linked with simultaneously. (You may break a link with an individual at any time.)
Electrokinesis, Supreme – Roll EFF+PER and deal that much damage to a foe. Subtract 1 and deal that much damage to the next foe. Keep dealing damage and subtracting 1 until there is no damage left to deal or no foes left to deal damage to.
Lumokinesis, Supreme – Sustained: Render ships and small celestial bodies invisible. Does not work on planets or stars.
Empiriopathy, Supreme – Sustained: Control a victim’s body as you would your own.
Astral Projection, Supreme – Teleport yourself to a location you specify. You must know where your destination is in relation to where you are now.
Prescience (always active) – When someone fails a skill and it would have disastrous consequences, you can write that roll off as a vision of several seconds into the future and reset the fiction to where it was just before the character used that skill. When you undo someone’s skill roll, they must use a different skill or hold action. May only be used once per session.
Focus, Supreme (always active) – You may Sustain a maximum of PER Psychic Powers simultaneously.
Ascendant (special) – When you die, you may manifest as a spirit by spending all of your remaining XP. You are incorporeal and may only communicate and interact with the world via Psychic Powers. You are bound to a specific person, thing, or place that you encountered before you died. You move by hitching a ride on people or things in your vicinity. If you have Astral Projection, you can use that to go anywhere you like.
Possession – Switch bodies (and subsequently character sheets, although each person retains their original INT and PER) with a victim. This effect lasts until you roll again to switch back. If you fail, you cannot possess that body ever again.


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