Items (Can’t be sold in the same place you bought them)
Credits – The form of currency. Gain EFF credits with the Psychology skill whenever earthly possible. Start the game with 35+EFF credits, and should accrue roughly 25 credits per level.
Max Item Bonus – 1 + PHY. You can carry around items of any size. If you use an item with a large bonus, roll at -3 for every point by which the item exceeds your Max Item Bonus.
Shops – In every location, there is a shop (or at least a person) that sells skill kits. All shops are divided into the categories below, and most locations usually have at least one specialty shop of some category. Shops won’t refund any item and they only trade in their own category of items.
Bartering – The Psychology skill lets you add or subtract EFF credits to the price of an item you are buying or selling. To make it simpler, just list the items you are buying and selling together and roll+PER for each item. Stop rolling if you Fail. For each time you succeeded, now roll EFF. Add the EFF results together and subtract or add it from / to the total. Items can’t be sold or bought for less than 1 credit.

Skill Kits
Med-pack – 8 credits – Required for Medicine. Can be modified to have two upgrades.
Toolkit – 8 credits – Required for Engineering. Can be modified to have two upgrades.
Computer – 8 credits – Required for Computing. Can be modified to have two upgrades.
Weapon – 8 credits – Required for Fighting. Can be modified to have two upgrades.
Expedition Gear – 8 credits – Single use item; technobabble what it is at the time you use it; usually when you need something simple and obscure like a length of rope, tent, lighter, emergency communicator, and so on. Required for survival.
+1 Skillkit- 25 credits – take +1 to Skill rolls with this item. Can be modified to have two upgrades.
+n Skillkit – 25n credits – take +n to Skill rolls with this item. Can be modified to have two upgrades.

Ships – Ships are how you get around in space. Ships cost 50 credits per person they can accommodate, and 50 credits per +Bonus. Spaceships are required for piloting, but can also be used instead of the normal skillkit for Engineering, Computing, Medicine, and Fighting. Piloting the ship is rolled at +Bonus. The ship’s HP is 1/10th of its cost, and its Armor is equal to its Bonus. each turn during space combat, a ship may take a number of actions equal to 1 + Crew each turn. Some example ships are below.
+0 Spaceship – crew 4 – 20 HP – 200 credits – Axon Class, the most common form of transportation this side of the asteroid belt.
+1 Spaceship – crew 2 – 15 HP – 150 credits – Kite Class, a speedy two-man fighter.
+3 Spaceship – crew 6 – 45 HP – 450 credits – Dragonfly Class, popular among merchants.
Ship Upgrade – 50 credits – Technobabble about an item that is used on spaceships (tractor beam, slipstream drive, so on) and gain a new qualitative action during space battle that is what your technobabble described. If you can gain this item from a shop, so can everyone else.

Armor – Reduce incoming damage by your Armor. Maximum Armor is PHY + 1.
Spacesuit – Weighs as much as the Armor it provides. Comes with a built-in communicator you can use to talk to your crewmates over vast distances. All players start the game with a Spacesuit that has Armor +0.
+0 Spacesuit – 8 credits – Be safe from decompression and atmospheric effects.
+1 Spacesuit – 25 credits – Can be modified to have one upgrade; take +1 to Armor.
+n Spacesuit – 25n credits – Can be modified to have n upgrades; take +n to Armor.

Cybernetic Implants / Hardware Upgrades for Androids
Each implant grants +Bonus to one Stat. The implant is vulnerable to E.M.P.; if it becomes inactive, it instead takes -Bonus from Stat. If you take +INT from any cybernetic implant, you become vulnerable to mind invasions from the Computing skill. Invented/Upgraded by Engineering if you have Medicine.
+1 Cybernetic Implant – 100 credits – Gain 1 stat point.
+n Cybernetic Implant – 100n credits – Increase a stat by n: AGI, PHY, INT or PER.

Animals can learn Survival (they don’t need expedition gear), Stealth, Fighting(with claws/teeth/whatever as weapons) and Athletics; they start the game with one of those skills and 7+Bonus hit points. You may teach them a new skill once per level by spending 5+level XP. You may train them to increase their bonus once per level by spending 5+level XP. Can be genetically engineered / cloned by Engineering if you have Medicine.
+1 attack lizard – Fighting – 25 credits – May cause morale issues if it starts stalking your crew.
+n animal – any skill – 25n credits – appears however you describe it.

Android Bodies
Can be upgraded to self-contain all skill kits; these skill kits can’t be given bonuses individually, but roll off of the android body. Since android don’t need spacesuits, armor is built right in. When you roll skills using built-in skill kits, add the Bonus to the d20 roll. When you take damage, your Armor is equal to your bonus. Your maximum bonus is 1 + PHY.
+0 Android Body – 25 credits – Comes with no skill kits – Mostly used to clog enemy cannons.
+1 Android Body – 75 credits – Comes with a built-in skillkit – Not uncommon to see these repairing ships in busy ports
+n Android Body – 75n credits – Comes with a built-in skillkit – appears however you describe.

Story Items – Any item invented by a player for purposes of furthering the intrigue belong in this category.
A.I. Datacore – 25 credits – Engineered as an upgrade to Android Bodies, Ships, or skill kits. Has one skill.
Contraband – 10 credits – Single use item; share with someone of your morality and take +1 to PER against that person until you both next rest.
Personal Effects – Priceless – Appears as whatever you describe. Might be a good idea to keep it private.
Commodities – 5 credits – Appears as whatever you describe. Exists for trade purposes.
Stempaste – 25 credits – Single use item; this paste, when applied to a fresh wound, heals the patient for their EFF.
Stimulant – 10 credits – Single use item. Take +1 to AGI and PHY, and -1 to INT and PER. Lasts until you next rest.


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