Character Creation

1. What is your name? What is your personal goal?

2. Start the game with seven stat points, to be distributed between PHY, AGI, INT and PER as you like.

3. What is your Morality? At the end of session, mark XP if you…
- Good – went out of your way to help someone else.
- Neutral – acquired a bit of knowledge or power you didn’t have before.
- Evil – inflicted fear or suffering upon others, directly or indirectly.
- Lawful – stuck to your code of conduct.
- Chaotic – surprised a fellow party member with your actions.

4. How do you describe yourself?
- Robust – Increase your EFF by 1 step; apply increase after choosing your class.
- Dedicated – Increase your PHY , AGI, INT , or PER by 1.
- Versed – Start the game with an extra class Ability.
- Endowed – Start the game with 50 credits.

5. What is your class? After choosing, gain three features available from your class.

6. Where are you from?
- Earth: The pale blue dot, cradle of our great species. Earth is still arguably the strongest actor in solar politics, and the rich cultural homeland of all mankind. Most of the planet has been either urbanized for maximum population density or optimized for maximum resource production. Most common species as of 2015 are a distant memory, and most new species are accidental creations, like the hyper rats and the hive raptors. For growing up under blue-skies and optimal gravity, increase EFF by 1 step.
- Venus: Mother Venus is known for her cruelty. Four colonies perished to the unyielding heat before a permanent foothold was established, and the terraforming process was violent. Psychics claim that a presence deep underground was awakened when we started living on her surface. For growing up under yellow clouds and acid rain, increase INT by 1.
- Mars: Olympus Mons, Mariner’s Coast, Shangri La; the cities spanning Mars’s once-barren landscape are growing in number. Some say that strange creatures emerge from the recently-terraformed Martian wilds, products of accelerated evolution or perhaps something even stranger. For growing up on the mighty red planet, increase PER by 1.
- Ganymede: The largest moon in the solar system, Ganymede was highly sought after during the early expansion. Ravenous mining corporations scarred its surface with hazardous waste and labor camps. After a long and bloody revolution, the corporations withdrew, but Ganymede’s fledgling democracy is still picking up the pieces. For growing up on the scene of the protests, increase AGI by 1.
- Titan: Titan, the deepest human colony and new frontier of Solar expansion; the bleeding edge of the colonization effort attracts fools and daredevils alike. Titans are slow to talk, but a few rounds of drinks might buy you strange stories about phantom signals and constructs found floating in the Huygens rings. A few more might buy you a furtive look and whispers of conspiracy. Makes you wonder what the magistrate could be hiding. For growing up in deepest reaches of the solar system, increase PHY by 1.

7. Gain a number of Skills equal to your INT, plus the skill that your class starts with. You can know a total of INT+1 skills.

8. Items: your Inventory consists of slots for two Skill Kits, Armor, and any number of story items. Start the game with a skillkit, a Spacesuit, 35 plus EFF credits, and Personal Effects. Items

Character Creation

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